Customer Comments


OverBoard Industries goes to great lengths to provide you with smart, high quality products.  We do not stop there, as we also back our products with fanatical customer service.  But don't take our word for it - listen to what some of our customers have to say:


"Wow! I purchased one of these chargeboxes as I was tired of using flashlights and or camera flash units to charge up my lures. I was ready to try anything better and man I found it. This box is really the answer to charging up your lures, and boy do they glow! While I am sure the junior version box is as good for just lures, I much prefer the larger unit that I purchased as it accommodates glow lures, paddles, and flies for Salmon fishing." -- Krazy Kiwi


"I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the Charge Box and its ease of use.  We use it almost every morning to charge up spoons and plugs for the early morning fishing.  I have the smaller one and it easily accommodates up to a dozen spoons and plugs with a great charge to all lures. Of real importance to charter captains on any product they use is a rapid turn around time of items that need repair or replacement.  Your efforts to get a replacement in my hands asap was really appreciated and I will be sure to recommend the Charge Box and OverBoard Industries to other charter captains and fishermen in our area."  -- Denny B.


"I previously bought a Chargebox through a tackle shop, what a great product. Very easy to use and I can tell you that my glow lures never were brighter or lasted as long. Charge them up on your way out to your favorite hole and you are good to go!"  -- Mike M.